Board of Directors

Chair: Cathy Cooper – Meijer
Vice Chair:  Brian Murray – Fifth Third Bank
Secretary: Seth Ashby – Varnum LLP
Treasurer: Joe Ponstein – Ernst & Young LLP
President: Wendy Wigger
Becky Anderson – Edward Jones
Michael Bohnsack – Wolverine World Wide
David Brown – Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Michigan
Noel Deal – Lowell Public Schools and Addix, LLC
Janet Nisbett – Retired, Fifth Third Bank
Bob Prevette – Retired, Legacy Trust
Dave Veneklase – Davenport University
Carl Wiegand – Amway



Deb Bailey – Steelcase, Inc.
Twink Frey – Nokomis Foundation
Susan J. Smith –Freelance Writer
Along with hundreds of outstanding community members, organizations, and volunteers!


Wendy Wigger


Melissa Budzynski, MSW, LMSW – Program Staff
Leigh Conard – Finance Director
Mary Cooper, BSE – Program Staff
Deb Graham – Administrative Staff
Lindsay Jousma, MSW, LMSW – Program Manager
Molly Keating, SD, MA – Program Staff
Alysia LaBonte – Operations & Event Coordinator
John Lovell – Building and Grounds Manager
Laura Melendez – LaughFest Project Coordinator
Jan Miller, LPC – Program Director
Kelsey Morrison – Business Manager
Beth Nelson, MSW, LMSW – Clinical Manager
Mitchell Neubert – Sponsorship Manager
Sandi Oosse, MSW, LMSW – Program Staff
Julie Petrie, MA – Program Staff
Emily Robertson – Building and Grounds Staff
Eduardo Rodriguez – Program Member/Volunteer Coordinator
Joanne Roehm – LaughFest Festival Director
Shawn Ruetz- Director of Development & Engagement
Jacqueline Scherer, MSW, CSW – Program Staff
Beth Ellen Shepherd, MSW, LMSW – Program Staff
Des Shuert – Building and Grounds Staff
Dorace Van Meurs, MSW, LMSW – Adult Program Manager
Chris Van Raalte – Finance Assistant
Daryl Vogel – Vice President of Development
Tracey Whiting, BSW – Minority Program Coordinator
Paul Wright – Development & Administrative Staff
Becky Zobl – Marketing Project Specialist