At Gilda’s Club, everyone knows “the disruption” that a cancer diagnosis causes in this journey we call life. Even a very young child senses something has changed. Here, we recognize that every one is impacted; yet, we also recognize that everyone’s journey of learning to live with cancer is different.

In our community, we join together in a variety of workshops, classes, lectures, groups, and activities to learn, share and laugh together. We swap helpful tips with each other, learn new things or ways of being, and find a comfortable place to recognize and release the many emotions that go along with the cancer journey.

And it’s not depressing here or just about swapping “cancer sob stories,” either. Mostly we laugh a lot. It’s uplifting to know that here everyone understands the up’s and down’s of a cancer journey. Our motto is “In This Together.” You feel this the moment you came through our Red Door.

You choose the activities that are best for you or your children. And, childcare is provided anytime you are here to attend an activity – day or evening. Just let us know in advance.