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If cancer or grief has entered your life, Gilda’s Club is here for you.  

Gilda's Club MembersSometimes it’s hard to ask for help, especially if you don’t know what you need. We get it.

That’s why we make it easy to get started at Gilda’s Club. We know support happens in a variety of ways. Our comprehensive program meets you where you are with the type of support you need. Whether it be education opportunities with local experts and others who have travelled similar paths, support groups with structured sharing times or social activities like Supper Together, exercise classes like Tai Chi or yoga, crafting groups such as Knit Wits that meets weekly.  

Programs are available during the day and evening hours, easily fit in many lifestyles’ schedules. Find the customized support you need in our warm, welcoming environment.

We’re so glad you’re here!

Let’s get support started.

OneFirst, contact us or fill out the new member interest form

Tell us a little more about your cancer or grief journey. Call us at 616.453.8300 or email us at [email protected] to be connected to a masters level professional program team member who can answer your questions and schedule a time for you to attend a New Member Meeting.  

TwoAttend a New Member Meeting 

Step through our welcoming red door to learn more about the support community Gilda’s Club houses. At our new member meeting you will have the opportunity to meet other people who are touched by cancer or grieving the death of someone in their life due to any cause. You will be given a tour of our clubhouse, a comprehensive overview of our entire program and a monthly calendar of our activities. If you are interested in learning more about Gilda’s youth program, please let us know when registering for this new member meeting.

These informational orientation sessions and tours for adults interested in joining Gilda’s Club occur weekly, and alternate between midday and evening sessions. 

ThreeSelect a program (or two) to explore 

Participate in the wide variety of programs on our calendar – from topic-specific educational sessions to nutrition classes to yoga and social events – while meeting others in the Gilda’s Club community. All programs are free.


Ninety-five percent of our members say coming to Gilda’s Club has had a positive impact on their lives. What’s more 100% receive our programs for free.

In the words of our members:

“Just go – when someone suggests it, just go! It took me three months of saying no…and that was three months of friendships I could have had. It’s worth it!”

“Don’t hesitate – get involved as soon as you can. Involvement will provide the support and understanding from others who have started the journey before you and can help you understand what’s ahead and provide an understanding ear when you express your fears, successes and disappointments. For us, those first MRIs were heart stopping scary and we had no-one to share that with or to help calm our fears.”

“You will be glad you came.”